Sales Associate


Sales Associate Pre License 

This class is a 63 hour break down of the real estate industry. It covers the legalities, theories and ethics of Florida Real Estate.

Course # : 0019985

Pre License $445

Sales Associate Post License

This 45 hour course provides licensees an opportunity to build on the Principles and Practices covered in the pre-licensing course

Course # : 0019990

Post License $255

Broker Associate 


Broker Pre License

This 72 hour course dives into the fields of interest concerning Real Estate Brokers. We cover finance, investment and other important aspects of the broker world. 

Course # : 0019989

Pre License $595

Broker Post License

This 60 hour course is broken into 2 sections so students can understand the importance of Managing and Investing in Real Estate.

Post Management $200

Course # : 0019986

Post Investment $200

Course # : 0019988

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14 hour Continuing Education

Course # : 0019987



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Sale Associate 63 Hour



Sales Post License


Broker Pre License



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14 Hour Continuing Education