Foundation for Success

Full Throttle Coaching Live Class Modules are organized for easy delivery and foster impactful engagement with your agents. The Coaching Manual contains subtle coaching tips and ideas for challenging your agents.Student Workbooks keep agents on track and add value as an organizing resource that can be referred to between coaching sessions. Detailed Lesson Guides help you organize weekly lesson plans with exercises
and activities. Each module helps you deliver efficient and impactful coaching sessions week after week.

Each multi-session module contains the following tools:
• Coaching Manual: Game plan for how to coach each module

• Lesson Guides: Detailed weekly exercises and activities

• Coaching Strategies: Multiple approaches for best outcomes

• Train the Trainer Videos: Focused and impactful preparation tool

• Student Workbooks: Access to student materials

• KDNA™ Coach’s Agent Tracker: Track students’ daily and weekly progress to hold students accountable and help them track their goals to find success